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City of Joburg Faces R178m Fixing Bill After Explosion Damage, Raising Concerns Over “Opportunity to Loot”



Joburg explosion will cost the city R178 million

The Joburg explosion will cost the city R178 million as the estimated repair price for the damage on Lillian Ngoyi Street (formerly Bree Street). However, City Manager Floyd Brink cautioned that the cost might escalate as work progresses in the area. Briefly News reports that many South Africans have raised concerns about the possibility of corrupt politicians and business people looting the funds allocated for the repairs.

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The cause of the explosion, which resulted in one fatality and partial collapse of the CBD street, has been confirmed by authorities to be leaking methane gas. The city plans to redesign the pipelines to prevent such incidents.

The staggering repair cost has generated scepticism among citizens, who fear the funds might be misused or diverted for personal gain. Social media users expressed their doubts and suspicions, with some suggesting that corrupt practices could plague the repair process. The public has demanded transparency and accountability to ensure the allocated funds are used effectively and for the intended purpose.

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Picture: Twitter / CityofJoburgZA

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