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Johannesburg Gains Crucial Support for Climate-Resilient Infrastructure



Johannesburg Gains Crucial Support for Climate-Resilient Infrastructure

Johannesburg has recently received essential technical support for its climate-resilient infrastructure efforts, thanks to the outcomes of the C40 Mayor’s Roundtable and CFO Technical Workshop held in Nairobi, Kenya. This support comes from the C40 Cities Finance Facility (CFF), which will play a pivotal role in assisting Johannesburg in developing flood-alleviation infrastructure, particularly in flood-prone areas. This initiative aligns closely with the municipal Climate Action Plan (CAP), which significantly emphasises streamlining flood management by 2030. The overarching goal is to minimise the social, economic, and environmental impacts of flooding in the city as reported by Joburg Newsroom.

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During the event, the Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) for Finance, Cllr Dada Morero, represented the Executive Mayor, Cllr Kabelo Gwamanda, at the C40 Mayors’ Roundtable on Financing Climate Action for Green Jobs, which spanned from Tuesday, September 5, to Wednesday, September 6.

MMC Morero highlighted the city’s commitment to sustainable practices, citing the adoption of the Green Building Policy for new constructions. This policy promotes resource-efficient designs, construction methods, and operational procedures for all new buildings, including significant refurbishments. Its objective is to reduce the environmental impact of buildings while maximising positive social and economic contributions.

One of the primary climate change challenges facing Johannesburg is urban flooding, particularly in informal settlements. MMC Morero pointed out that areas like Alexandra have been repeatedly affected by floods, resulting in tragic loss of lives, livelihoods, and property.


To increase investments in climate action implementation, the first step is to make climate change an integral component of the city’s programs and plans. This approach ensures that the municipal budget supports both mitigation and adaptation actions, creating opportunities for sustainable green jobs and enhancing investor confidence in Johannesburg.

Research conducted by C40 in 2021 revealed that the city has the potential to create and support over 340,000 jobs through climate mitigation actions by 2030. These jobs would be concentrated on building energy efficiency, sustainable transport, clean energy, and waste management. A significant portion, approximately 140,000 jobs, is expected to stem from actions related to energy-efficient homes and other buildings.

The C40 Mayor’s Roundtable and CFO Technical Workshop coincided with the Africa Climate Summit and Africa Climate Week, which aimed to explore how climate action contributes to green job creation in cities and discuss strategies for securing funds to generate sustainable green employment opportunities in African urban centres.

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