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Problematic Potholes Repaired by Two Lawyers in Kempton Park



Louis Hattingh and Hugo van der Westhuizen, who are business partners at Wentzel and Partners Attorneys, have taken matters into their own hands by repairing problematic potholes on North Rand Road in Kempton Park.

The two lawyers are dedicated to improving their local community and ensuring the safety and satisfaction of motorists.

According to Van der Westhuizen, the municipality is not providing adequate services to ratepayers, so they have decided to take ownership of their street and maintain it themselves.

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Their next project is to repave the pavement next to the police station and court building.


They believe that municipal decay and the nationwide lack of good governance is a significant problems, and residents should take responsibility for their surroundings to prevent the city from further decay.

Source: Two Kempton Park lawyers fix problematic potholes

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Photo: Facebook / @Potholes in SA

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