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Spray paint circles: A playful solution to fixing potholes



spray painting potholes

Around South Africa, potholes have become an obstacle in our daily lives. But did you know there’s a secret trick to fixing them? According to South African, one man took TikTok to share his genius solution: circling the potholes and writing “ANC” next to them. And voila! The next day, the council fixed the holes. Now, people across the country follow in his footsteps, spray painting potholes and watching as the government takes action.

In Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal, residents have taken it further, uniting to patch and clean up their surroundings. But before taking action, they followed a series of steps to ensure their work was up to standard. First, they approached the Newcastle Municipal Manager and applied for a WayLeave letter, which included an official assessment to ensure they met the proper requirements.

So, spray paint around potholes if you’re tired of dodging potholes on your daily commute. Just remember to follow the proper steps and requirements to avoid causing further damage to the roads.

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Picture: Facebook / Wilhelm de Beer

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