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JRA warns against painting next to potholes on city’s roads



JRA has warned residents against painting next to potholes on the city's roads

The Johannesburg Road Agency (JRA) has warned residents against painting next to potholes on the city’s roads, as it contravenes the city’s bylaws. The Citizen has reported that the JRA has also cautioned residents to repair potholes with written permission. Frustrated residents have been spray-painting “ANC” and “DA” next to potholes in Johannesburg. However, the JRA has released a statement stating that such actions are illegal and can result in a fine for residents caught marking the road.

JRA has specified that only authorised personnel or organisations can repair and paint the roads, and private persons or organisations can only fix or brand the streets with approval. JRA has urged the public to refrain from painting or defacing roads as it goes against the law of the City of Johannesburg.

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The statement from JRA has not gone down well with some residents, who expressed their frustration on Twitter. Greg Crighton complained that he could not paint his street as paint does not stick to water and mud. Heather requested JRA employees to bring tar and a spade when they arrive with their fines so that they can fill a few potholes. Wayne advised JRA to spend more time fixing potholes instead of complaining about people highlighting poor service delivery.

In conclusion, JRA is working to ensure the roads are safe to travel on and has asked the public to follow the proper channels to fix potholes. Although residents are frustrated with the number of potholes on Johannesburg’s roads, it is essential to refrain from defacing or painting the streets without prior written permission to avoid receiving a fine.


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