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Afriforum Cleans Pretoria North Streets



A group of dedicated members from Afriforum North have taken it upon themselves to tackle the problem of dirty streets and illegal dumping in Pretoria North.

The team has been focusing on various streets in the area, including Brits Avenue, Steyn Avenue, Gerrit Maritz Street, and Rachel de Beer.

In addition, they have been cleaning parks, removing litter, trimming grass, cutting down branches, and cleaning out landfills to make the area accessible and safe for everyone.

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The possibility of restoring the area to its former glory exists if the community collaborates, as Quentin Meyer, a participant in the clean-up project, stated.


Afriforum North has already completed numerous projects in the region and is planning more to enhance the town’s safety and overall condition.

Source: Afriforum takes on dirty streets in Pretoria North

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Photo: Facebook / @AfriForum Noord van die Berg

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