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Celebrity chef Jock Zonfrillo passes away – Police confirm death not deemed suspicious



Jock Zonfrillo's cause of death

The Victoria Police recently announced the death of MasterChef Australia star Jock Zonfrillo, stating that it was ‘not being treated as suspicious’. This news is a common phrase used by police media officers when a public figure passes away, but what does it mean, and does it indicate a particular cause of death?

As there is no information currently available about the cause of Zonfrillo’s death, the statement from the police about it not being suspicious has caused some speculation amongst the public. In simple terms, when a death is not considered suspicious, it means that no one else was involved, which could indicate that the individual died due to an accident, natural causes, or suicide.

When police declare a death ‘not being treated as suspicious’, it suggests that they are confident, beyond any reasonable doubt, that there was no crime involved. Conversely, the police consider a death suspicious when the circumstances or cause are medically or legally unexplained or inadequately explained.

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Zonfrillo, a judge on MasterChef since 2019, was found dead at the Melbourne hotel Zagame’s House around 2 am on Monday. The police confirmed that the 46-year-old man’s death was not suspicious and will prepare a report for the coroner. His wife, Lauren Fried, and his four children, including his daughters Ava and Sophia from his first two marriages, and his youngest children, six-year-old Alfie and two-year-old Isla, with Fried, survive Zonfrillo.


The hotel where he was found deceased is close to his former home in Carlton. Zonfrillo and his family had recently moved out of their four-bedroom townhouse to start a new life in Rome just three weeks before. In April, they returned their former home to the rental market for $3,000 a week.

Before his death, Zonfrillo had returned to Australia to promote the fifteenth season of MasterChef, which was set to premiere at 7:30 pm on Monday but has been postponed since his passing. His wife and children stayed in Rome, expecting him to rejoin them after his publicity duties for Channel Ten this week.

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