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Kenny Kunene Paid for Drinks at Joburg Road Event



Kenny Kunene Personally Funds Joburg Road Event Drinks

Johannesburg’s Transport Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC), Kenny Kunene, has responded to the wave of criticism that emerged following his involvement in a champagne-popping incident during a Johannesburg Road Agency (JRA) women’s event. The incident was captured on video and quickly sparked controversy, prompting a heated exchange of opinions as reported by Briefly.

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In the video footage, Kunene addresses a gathering of women, expressing his intention to celebrate the occasion with bottles of French champagne, specifically Moët & Chandon. The video was shared by Leah Knott, the Chief Whip of the Democratic Alliance (DA) in Johannesburg, who publicly criticised the municipal leadership, labelling them as a collective embodying a “drunken joke.”

Kunene, a figure who previously garnered attention as the self-proclaimed “Sushi King,” took it upon himself to clarify the situation and address the allegations that taxpayer money had been utilised to procure the alcohol. According to reports from TimesLIVE, Kunene argued that the social media-shared video lacked proper context, asserting that the champagne and Hennessy bottles were personally acquired using his funds. He further rebuked Leah Knott for allegedly distorting the facts and misleading the public.

Providing additional context, Kunene explained that the event’s purpose was to pay tribute to women in the transport industry. Contrary to claims of frivolous expenditures, Kunene detailed that the City of Johannesburg’s funds were allocated solely towards catering, encompassing food provisions. The event was hosted at the Metrobus Academy Centre, and Kunene took responsibility for covering supplementary costs such as entertainment and decor.


Addressing the expenditures, Kunene voiced his unwavering stance. He declared that he willingly financed the entertainment and even arranged for seating alternatives in couches designed to accommodate attendees who might prefer an option to the conventional round tables. Kunene emphasised that these details had been transparently communicated before the event’s commencement.

Unapologetic in his approach, Kunene expressed his conviction in celebrating individuals who often go unrecognised. Through his response, he sought to dispel the notion that taxpayer funds were misused, instead framing the event as a thoughtful appreciation of the contributions made by women within the transport sector. In this retelling, the nuances of Kunene’s explanations and the intricacies of the event’s organisation are brought to the forefront, offering a comprehensive understanding of the situation.

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