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Local Entrepreneur Expands with Second Galito’s Franchise in Midrand



Local Entrepreneur Expands with Second Galito’s Franchise in Midrand

As per the World Bank, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a significant role in South Africa, offering approximately 60% of the country’s employment opportunities. Among the strategies to foster economic growth and job creation, franchising stands out as an avenue for ambitious young entrepreneurs. Kholofelo Nengwenda, a determined entrepreneur, exemplifies this trend by opening a second Galito’s franchise in Midrand in May.

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Nengwenda’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2014 when she launched a cleaning company at the age of 24. Her exposure to Galito’s during their roadshow sparked her interest in becoming a brand franchisee she knew well. Her first venture was a GaliPod, an innovative container-based store with a modern urban flair located at The Pond Shopping Centre, designed for quick setup and proximity to areas with demand. Her second endeavour is a full-fledged Galito’s store situated in the bustling Boulders Shopping Centre.

Like many entrepreneurs, Nengwenda is characterised by enthusiasm, and her GaliPod venture saw immediate success. The company’s support team was crucial in helping her evaluate the site and navigate the lease negotiation process. Nengwenda noted that the franchise model provides an excellent way to establish a robust business with minimal initial capital. Galito’s, with its international presence and growth trajectory, presents numerous opportunities for franchisees.

Statistics from the Franchise Association of South Africa highlight that over 90% of franchises thrive. Galito’s has already contributed to job creation by generating approximately 3,000 jobs. Nengwenda’s two establishments alone employ 18 individuals.


Louis Germishuys, the founder of Galito’s, emphasised that for motivated entrepreneurs like Kholofelo Nengwenda, a franchise offers a well-established structure, training, and support, allowing them to infuse their energy and vision. Importantly, it allows room for adaptation to the local market’s needs and preferences.

Source: Local entrepreneur opens her second Galito’s franchise in Midrand

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Photo: Supplied by Midrand Reporter

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