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Heroic Young Woman Sacrifices Her Life to Save Siblings from Fire



Moipone Tshabalala

The heroic actions of Moipone Tshabalala (27) have earned her the title of a true hero among the residents of Wattville. In a tragic turn of events, Moipone selflessly sacrificed her life to save her two younger brothers from a devastating house fire that broke out in the early hours of August 15.

The blaze left the family’s home reduced to ashes and their hearts heavy with grief. Moipone’s mother, Sarah Tshabalala, recounted the harrowing details of the fire’s origin. It was sparked in the dining room after Sarah’s mentally disturbed uncle accidentally left a candle burning. This seemingly innocent act had catastrophic consequences.

As the flames rapidly engulfed the house, Moipone displayed incredible courage and presence of mind. She woke her 13-year-old and 25-year-old brothers and directed them to the bathroom window. She told them to call for help from there. She returned to the dining room, hoping to retrieve the keys to open the security gate. Tragically, Moipone never made it back to her brothers.

Sarah Tshabalala described how she arrived to find her house surrounded by flames. Her two sons, who lived in separate outside rooms, managed to escape, and her uncle and one son made it to safety. However, her other son was trapped in the bathroom, while Moipone’s selfless act endangered her.

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With the utmost determination, Sarah crawled through thick smoke to reach her beloved daughter. Despite her efforts, she could not save Moipone due to the intensity of the fire. Neighbours and one courageous neighbour risked their lives to intervene, ultimately saving Sarah’s trapped son from the bathroom.

The aftermath of the fire has devastated the Tshabalala family, having lost all their belongings, including furniture, clothing, and precious items of value. Moipone, who had worked at Makro Carnival in Dalpark, was remembered as a peacemaker who radiated joy and positivity.

The family now finds themselves in need of assistance to rebuild their lives from the ground up. Those willing to help can contact Moipone’s aunt, Nonhlanhla, at 071 199 4585.

This tragic incident serves as a sad reminder of the importance of fire safety and preparedness. The City of Ekurhuleni has provided the public with emergency numbers to call in case of a fire emergency: 011 458 0911 or the toll-free number 10177.

Source: Young woman saves siblings from fire, then dies


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