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Monique Muller Accuses Katlego Maboe of Financial Neglect Amidst Renewed Controversy



Monique Muller accused Katlego Maboe of financial abuse

Monique Muller accused Katlego Maboe of financial abuse. IOL reports that the two had been in the public eye due to their previous relationship and legal battles, and Muller’s recent social media outburst has once again ignited controversy.

Despite appearing to move on from their past drama and securing a hosting role on SABC3’s game show ‘Deal or No Deal,’ Maboe is now confronted with allegations of refusing to pay their child’s school fees. Muller took to her Instagram Stories to share her frustration, accusing Maboe of neglecting his financial duties despite his substantial income.

Muller questioned whether other high-earning fathers do not contribute to their children’s education expenses. She pointed out the apparent hypocrisy in Maboe’s situation, where he earns significantly more than she does yet allegedly avoids his financial obligations towards their son.

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Amidst the allegations, Muller humorously suggested that Maboe’s new gig on ‘Deal or No Deal’ could contribute funds towards their child’s education. She even offered to provide the school’s banking details for potential donations.


Furthermore, Muller shared screenshots of text messages between herself and Maboe’s current partner, referred to as ‘Jessica,’ where they exchanged personal accusations. The situation took a personal turn when ‘Jessica’ accused Muller of playing the role of a “poor mom.”

Muller emphasised her financial difficulties, including legal fees and the challenges of being a single mother. She referred to her experience as “financial abuse in maintenance court.”

The controversy has led to discussions among Maboe’s fans and the public. While the TV host still enjoys support from many fans, the renewed accusations have prompted a reconsideration of his actions.

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