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Police Engage in Shootout with Illegal Miners One Dead and Six Arrested



Police Engage in Shootout with Illegal Miners One Dead and Six Arrested

Members of the SAPS Flying Squad, Highway Patrol, and the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) were involved in a confrontation with illegal miners that resulted in a shootout. This incident occurred on September 18 in Germiston.

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Sergeant Jaco Powell and Constable Juan-Mare Eksteen, along with a JMPD officer and two Highway Patrol officers, responded to a call for backup from Germiston crime prevention members who were at the Germiston mine dumps. Illegal miners had opened fire on them.

Upon arrival, the officers noticed a group of 30 to 40 suspected miners fleeing through a hole in the mine wall. They also observed several firearms, including at least three AK47s and around 15 pistols.

The officers identified themselves as police to the suspects and were met with a response claiming that the suspects were also police officers. Suddenly, the officers came under gunfire from the group, prompting them to return fire.


The exchange resulted in six suspects being wounded, with one of them fatally injured. Three 9mm pistols with filed-off serial numbers were recovered at the scene. One of the wounded suspects, who was found with a firearm, also had 70 live rounds of ammunition in his possession.

All the wounded suspects were transported to local hospitals under police guard. Detectives, forensics teams, the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID), and other relevant authorities attended the scene.

Remarkably, no police members were injured during the shootout. The officers were commended for their bravery in facing a large, armed force and not backing down in the face of danger.

Source: Police in a shootout with illegal miners, one suspect killed and six arrested

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Photo: Supplied by Germiston City News

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