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President Ruto of Kenya Plans to Prohibit Imported Shoes in 2 Years



William Samoei Ruto - Kenya

President William Ruto of Kenya has announced plans to prohibit the importation of shoes within the next two years. The aim is to support the struggling local leather industry, adversely affected by the influx of cheap foreign products as reported by All Africa.

President Ruto emphasised the need to utilise the country’s own leather resources for shoe production. He expressed concern that while Kenyan hides were being neglected and even discarded, the country continued purchasing expensive imported shoes between Sh20,000 and Sh40,000.

During a Sunday service in Kajiado County, President Ruto stated, “Within the next two years, I will ban shoes imported from abroad. We will be making shoes with leather from our cows.”

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The government has allocated nearly Sh2 billion for cowhide treatment to strengthen the industry, aiming to enhance the local supply chain. This investment is expected to increase income for farmers selling their hides at significantly low prices.


Local farmers have faced the challenge of disposing of goat and cow skins due to the unprofitable rates offered by local tanneries. The fierce competition from countries like the United States and China, offering shoes at much lower prices, has also contributed to the decline in Kenya’s shoe manufacturing sector.

President Ruto’s proposed ban on imported shoes aims to stimulate the local leather industry, promote self-sufficiency, and create opportunities for growth and prosperity within the country.

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Photo: Facebook / @William Samoei Ruto

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