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Junior Miner Discovers Rare Pink Diamond in Middle Orange River



Middle Orange River

A junior diamond mining company has significantly discovered a pink diamond along the Middle Orange River in South Africa. The diamond, named Protea Pink, is a 29.52-carat fancy pink type II diamond with remarkable depth of colour and exceptional clarity as reported by Mining Weekly. Its hue resembles the pink shades found in the national flower of South Africa, the protea.

According to Lyndon de Meillon, the vice-chairperson of the South African Diamond Producers Organisation (Sadpo), Protea Pink likely originated from the Lesotho kimberlites, approximately 90 million years old. The diamond travelled an extraordinary distance down the Orange River, eventually trapped in an ancient river terrace about 500 kilometres from its source.

Sadpo, an organisation dedicated to streamlining the diamond diggers industry, is overseen by CEO Yamkela Makupula, who also serves as a director of Pioneer Tender House. Protea Pink will be sold through a tender process in South Africa during the week of June 26-30, with the sale concluding on Friday, June 30.

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The Middle Orange River region is renowned for having the world’s highest average value per carat. However, it also has the lowest carat per hundred tonnes grade among actively mined areas, as explained by De Meillon.


The junior mining company involved in this operation utilises a chemical-free recovery process, and they have demonstrated the positive impact of rehabilitation on the land’s carrying capacity.

The local area is grappling with high unemployment rates, exceeding 70%. Mining operations like this one by the junior miner play a vital role in supporting the local economy by creating job opportunities and stimulating economic growth.

The revenue generated from diamond mining has the potential to contribute to infrastructure development, education, healthcare, and other essential services in the community.

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Photo: Facebook / @Mining Weekly

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