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Primrose Shines Brightly Following Successful Clean-Up




In a remarkable display of unity and determination, residents and businesses in Primrose joined forces to tackle the prevalent issue of illegal dumping and litter in their town. The initiative aimed to address the unsightly trash accumulating on street corners and in public spaces, which not only marred the town’s appearance but also posed health and environmental risks.

Janet Gerretsen, a vocal community member, expressed her concerns about the unacceptable practice of contractors and small businesses dumping construction materials in public areas. She emphasised that such actions detracted from the town’s appeal and displayed a lack of respect for the community and its inhabitants.

Driven by civic duty, several residents took the initiative to clean up parks, overgrown sidewalks, and other neglected areas. Gerretsen urged fellow residents to donate funds to support unemployed volunteers and acquire the necessary equipment. She also encouraged residents to dedicate a few hours of their weekends to join one of the organisations involved in the clean-up efforts.

Among the active groups, Rebel with a Cause focused on cleaning up Howie Circle in Sunnyridge and tending to Meppen Park. Meanwhile, Fighters for Upliftment concentrated their efforts around Northridge, Wesel Roads, Korhaan, and Lucy streets. These groups were primarily dedicated to improving the cleanliness and aesthetics of Wychwood, Primrose Hill, Primrose, and the surrounding regions.

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In addition to community-led initiatives, Ackerman’s Pharmacy’s Primrose Business Forum played a significant role in maintaining cleanliness. They undertook daily cleaning activities on Rietfontein and Beaconsfield roads, focusing on tackling illegal dumping hotspots at specific street corners. The forum’s efforts also encompassed tasks like park pruning and pavement mowing, contributing to the overall beautification of the area.

Gerretsen praised the active participation of local businesses and residents, acknowledging their invaluable contributions to the clean-up efforts. She also expressed gratitude to the Ekurhuleni waste department for their assistance in collecting and disposing of the accumulated rubbish, further highlighting the collaborative spirit that made the clean-up drive a resounding success.

The collective action taken by Primrose’s residents and businesses not only helped transform the town’s appearance but also fostered a sense of community spirit and pride. Through these joint efforts, residents had the opportunity to connect with their neighbours and create a shared sense of ownership and responsibility for the areas they inhabit. The clean-up campaign serves as a shining example of what can be achieved when a community comes together to make a positive change.

Source: Primrose sparkles after clean-up

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