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Pretoria Couple Robbed on their Way to Cape Vacation




A couple from Pretoria had their holiday dreams shattered when they fell victim to a robbery en route to Cape Town on Friday evening.

Mariska Keyter and her boyfriend, Jean-Paul de Koker, embarked on their journey at around 20:00, hoping to reach Oudshoorn early Saturday morning.

They planned to visit friends living in the area, Keyter shared with Rekord.

Little did they know the unfortunate turn their trip would take.

Just 5km past the Grasmere toll gate on the N1, their vehicle encountered a rock in the middle of the road, resulting in two flat tires.


“We had no choice but to pull over to the side,” Keyter recounted.

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Immediately, Keyter dialled Outsurance Road assistance for help.

Three armed individuals approached her and forcefully seized her phone as she made the call.

Meanwhile, they searched De Koker for any valuable belongings.


The assailants then demanded that the couple walks over a hill away from the road and towards some bushes.

At that moment, Keyter feared for their lives, believing they were about to become another grim statistic.

“It’s a dreadful feeling when your life and the life of someone you deeply love are suddenly at the mercy of people who intend to harm you,” she expressed.

Although terrified, they understood that staying calm and not provoking the robbers was crucial.

Fortunately, the perpetrators left the couple unharmed but made off with their cell phones, laptop, and a significant amount of cash.


“We managed to return home safely, but the shock is still overwhelming,” Keyter shared.

Shock quickly transformed into anger as they realised criminals thwarted their holiday plans.

“It’s disheartening that we can’t feel safe in our own country,” Keyter expressed in a Facebook post.

She also expressed gratitude for escaping the ordeal with their lives intact.

Keyter hopes her experience serves as a cautionary tale for South Africans to exercise extra caution when driving at night or, if possible, avoid doing so altogether.


Source: Pretoria couple robbed en route to Cape holiday

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Photo: Twitter / @Pretoria Rekord

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