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Do unstable Gauteng metros hurt ratepayers with coalition instability?



The deteriorating quality of service delivery in their localities is causing frustration among the ratepayers associations of Ekurhuleni, Tshwane, and Johannesburg.The situation is partly attributed to the politicians contesting control of the three Gauteng metros Times Live.

The lack of a dominant party in power has led to chaotic council meetings, causing issues with decision-making and budget approvals.

In addition, there needs to be more accountability from contracted service delivery teams.

Linda Gildenhuys, the Chairperson of the Sunninghill Community Ratepayers Association in Johannesburg, said that the problem was no longer an irritation but one of the reasons for people leaving the area.

David Hutch Barr, a member of the Primrose Ratepayers Association in the Ekurhuleni municipality, is seeking increased accountability from contracted teams.


According to David Hutch Barr, the Primrose Ratepayers Association representative in Ekurhuleni, contracted teams should be held more accountable for their actions.

Linda Tyrrell, who serves as the Chair of the Old Pretoria East Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Alliance, thinks that council officials’ lack of enforcement of bylaws is the most significant issue facing residents.

In response to concerns, City of Ekurhuleni spokesperson Zweli Dlamini denied that coalitions were causing any problems with service delivery.

Meanwhile, newly elected mayor Cilliers Brink of the City of Tshwane stated that coalitions were less stable than a majority government.

Photo by David Peinado

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