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SA Skipper Circumnavigates Globe in 11-Month Yacht Race



SA Skipper

Ryan Gibson, an experienced sailor and one of the two South African skippers, will lead crews in the upcoming 2023/2024 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, commencing on 30 August. In an interview with Lester Kiewit, Gibson expressed his passion for sailing and the thrill of embarking on this exciting adventure as reported by Cape Talk.

The biennial Clipper Round, the World Yacht Race, offers paying amateur crews the opportunity to participate in one or more legs of a globe-circling journey. The race features 11 specially-designed identical yachts owned by Clipper Ventures.

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As the skipper, Gibson will navigate the seas with the support of 11 to 15 crew members, embarking on an arduous journey lasting nearly 11 months. Preparation for this competition began back in March, with the crew undergoing rigorous training across four levels to ensure they were ready for the mission ahead.

The race presents its share of challenges, including effective crew management, navigating the treacherous Southern Ocean from Cape Town to Australia, and braving the unpredictable Northern seas. Members may spend over 30 days at sea, possibly encountering hurricane winds, a reality experienced in the previous year.


Despite the adventure and excitement, Gibson is mindful of the enduring and difficult moments that may lie ahead. The race demands resilience and determination from all involved.

With the race on the horizon, we extend our best wishes to all skippers and their crews as they embark on this remarkable and demanding journey!

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Photo: Instagram / @clipperrace

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