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Hammanskraal Welcomes R79-million Investment in Production Plant




Tshwane celebrates a significant boost in job creation within Hammanskraal, courtesy of a major foreign investor.

Nestlé South Africa has taken a bold step this month, investing R79-million in the local economic development of the Hammanskraal region, aiming to foster skill development and job opportunities in the rural economy of northern Tshwane.

This strategic investment comes at a crucial time, as the region recently faced severe challenges due to several cholera outbreaks. However, Nestlé’s initiative has established a state-of-the-art coffee production plant in Babelegi, creating employment and imparting skills to the local workforce.

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The cutting-edge plant has already generated 27 jobs, with the potential for further openings. Among the workforce, 24 employees are engaged in production roles, while three contribute to engineering tasks within the facility.


The benefits of this venture extend not only to the local community but also to the broader coffee market within Tshwane. The production plant will oversee the local manufacturing of Nescafé coffee mixes, with 46% of the ingredients sourced locally.

Hannes Coetzee, Tshwane MMC for economic development, highlighted that the primary aim of this new production line is to enhance employment prospects in the Hammanskraal region. He emphasised that this move aligns with market demands, ensuring a consistent supply of coffee mixes.

As one of Tshwane’s key foreign direct investors, Nestlé has driven the city’s economic growth and development goals. The company’s commitment to community upliftment strengthens the local economy and brings forth exceptional products.

Since Nestlé’s arrival, they have invested approximately R400-million in the local economy, leading to nearly 300 permanent job opportunities in the region. This investment in localising production reflects the company’s dedication to fostering strong partnerships with local communities, driving economic development, and embracing technological advancements.

By producing locally, Nestlé aims to streamline supply chain operations, minimize environmental impact, and deliver fresher products to consumers. The city deeply appreciates Nestlé’s contribution to its industrialization and local economic initiatives. Coetzee expressed gratitude for their continuous loyalty, commitment, and trust in South Africa’s future and the resilience of Tshwane’s economy.


Brian Soldaat of the Department of Trade, Industry, and Competition emphasized the significance of government and private sector collaboration. He commended this investment for its support in localising production, setting a positive example for the industry. Collaboration with local communities and sustainable business practices pave the way for further growth in the local economy.

For Nestlé East and Southern Africa, this manufacturing plant is a testament to their dedication to the local market. The company takes pride in this investment, seeing it as a means to nurture the region’s potential and contribute to rebuilding the economy. The plant’s establishment marks a significant milestone in the company’s ongoing commitment to meeting local market needs and supporting economic development.

Source: R79-million production plant investment in Hammanskraal

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