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Sanral’s Landmark Move: Taking Control of 11,500 km Roads from Provinces



Sanral will take over roads from provinces

Sanral will take over roads from provinces as part of efforts to improve the state of the country’s road network. Speaking at the Vala Zonke pothole repair war room launch, Transport Minister Sindisiwe Chikunga revealed they had received a positive response from provincial governments regarding transferring identified roads to Sanral. As per Jacaranda FM, the agency is already responsible for over 23,500 kilometres of the road network, and adding the identified provincial roads will take it up to 35,000 kilometres.

Chikunga acknowledged that the state of some provincial roads has drastically deteriorated, and the Department of Transport transferred R106 billion of the provincial road maintenance grant to provinces for road infrastructure. However, the provinces underspent by R10 billion, impacting road maintenance and refurbishment efforts. To address this, the minister encouraged provinces to match the funds sent to them to accelerate road improvements.

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Sanral CEO Reginald Demana explained that the agency had established the identified network of roads for transfer over a decade ago. But there is a delay in the transfer process due to a lack of timelines. The initiative launched with the transport minister aims to speed up the transfer process, urging provinces to submit letters for gazetting.

Minister Chikunga emphasised the importance of public-private partnerships in addressing road problems in the country. Collaboration between government departments and private sectors, particularly in mining and agriculture, is underway to tackle the country’s road network challenges. The increase in trucks transporting freight by road due to issues at state-owned rail company Transnet has strained roads not designed for heavy traffic, leading to additional damage.


While partnerships with the private sector may be pursued to maintain roads, the government retains its role as the custodian of road infrastructure, taking responsibility for any liabilities. However, the government has cautioned against unauthorised road works. The goal is to improve road conditions and address the backlog in road maintenance to ensure safer and more efficient travel for motorists.

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