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Empowerment Acts Mark Leitch’s Women’s Day Commemoration



Anthea Leitch commemorated Women's Day

Anthea Leitch commemorated Women’s Day with various empowering acts. The MMC for Human Settlements embarked on a poignant journey at the Eldorado Park Women’s Forum, an oasis dedicated to combatting gender-based violence (GBV) in Lenasia. According to The City of  Johannesburg, this commemorative event saw MMC Leitch distributing thoughtful goodie bags to the attending women and extending heartfelt gestures of joy to their children.

As the day unfolded, the Davidsonville community provided the backdrop for an inspiring encounter with a local GBV activist, who shared personal stories that fueled her commitment to aiding those affected.

Within this gathering, MMC Leitch seized the opportunity to express her profound admiration for these women who have navigated the treacherous terrain of GBV with remarkable courage. “Rather than succumbing to the label of victimhood, rise as triumphant conquerors, igniting empowerment from within. Your collective journeys serve as guiding lights, illuminating the way for countless others,” she fervently declared.

In a poignant reflection on the weight of GBV, Cllr Leitch underscored the stark reality behind the statistics. These figures, she stressed, encapsulate the lives and experiences of real women, each with a unique identity and traumatic narrative.

Her impassioned plea reverberated: “Gender-based violence is not a mere compilation of data; it reverberates as lived experiences that demand our attention. It signifies a deep-rooted societal failing. The cost of silence and inaction is steep.”


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MMC Leitch’s message extended beyond words, urging a transformative transition from condemnation to concerted action. She stressed the urgent need to enforce anti-GBV laws, champion comprehensive protocols robustly, establish a network of supportive referrals, and implement unwavering policies.

In this context, she highlighted the crucial role of sensitively reporting GBV cases as a cornerstone of change.

Leitch lauded the attendees for their unyielding determination. “In the midst of the physical and emotional battles that many of you face, your commitment to amplifying the voices of the marginalised is commendable. Your courage serves as an inspiration.”

This year’s Women’s Day bore witness to the impactful resonance of MMC Leitch’s message to GBV victims and her unwavering dedication to championing their cause.


In South Africa, 9 August is a date that transcends mere calendar significance. It embodies the indomitable spirit ignited by the 1956 march, where 20,000 women bravely stood against the oppressive apartheid pass laws.

The day is a poignant reminder of the unyielding resilience and unwavering determination woven into the nation’s history.

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