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Imminent 8-Hour Water Shutdown to Impact Krugersdorp CBD



water shutdown will hit Krugersdorp CBD

An 8-hour water shutdown will hit Krugersdorp CBD. Residents and businesses in Krugersdorp’s central business district (CBD) should brace themselves for the water shutdown, set to occur today, August 15. Mogale City Water Services issued a warning regarding the planned shutdown, necessitated by the need to inspect and repair a burst pipe with a diameter of 255mm at the Coronation Dam.

The repair work, slated to occur between 09:00 and 17:00, is estimated to last approximately eight hours. While officials anticipate that the shutdown won’t directly impact the CBD water supply due to prior reservoir preparation, Water Services emphasises the importance of prudent water use during this period.

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Water Services urges residents to conserve water and restrict consumption for essential household use to mitigate the potential for supply interruptions on the scheduled day. Specifically, activities like lawn irrigation, car washing, swimming pool filling, and pavement washing should be temporarily halted during the repair work.

In consideration of the impending inconvenience, Water Services extends its apologies to both residents and businesses within the affected area. The shutdown, although disruptive, underlines the significance of regular maintenance and proactive measures to ensure the stability of water supply systems.


Source: Planned 8-hour water shutdown to hit CBD

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Picture:  Pixabay / Ron Porter

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