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Hamas Threatens Hostages as Israel Tightens Gaza Siege Amid Rising Tensions



Hamas is threatening hostages

In response to Israeli airstrikes in Gaza, Hamas is threatening hostages with execution. As per EWN, the militant group is holding 150 people hostage.

Israel hit back by enforcing a complete siege on the Gaza Strip. This action blocks vital resources like food, water, and electricity.

In Israel, the death toll has soared to 900, while Gaza has witnessed 687 fatalities due to Israeli airstrikes. Explosions continually rattle Gaza City, accompanied by blaring sirens.

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Hamas has announced that Israeli airstrikes have already killed four hostages. In retaliation, Hamas’s armed wing, the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, gave a stern warning. “We will execute one civilian hostage for every Israeli attack on our people without prior notice.”


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a disturbing comparison in a televised speech. He likened Hamas to the Islamic State group. He pledged a “massive” assault against Hamas with “unprecedented force,” characterising the ongoing conflict as one of Israel’s darkest hours.

Tensions have further escalated as Israeli forces confronted Hezbollah, leading to an exchange of gunfire. Iran denies direct involvement. But Israel has accused it of playing a role in the assault.

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