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Hilda Baci’s Cooking Record Verified by Guinness



Guinness World Records (GWR) has officially recognised the remarkable achievement of Nigerian chef Hilda Baci in her quest to break the record for non-stop cooking.

Baci gained nationwide attention after cooking continuously for four days last month. During this time, she cooked for an impressive 100 hours, with a brief five-minute break allowed per hour or accumulated over several hours as reported by BBC News.

GWR has recorded her official record at 93 hours and 11 minutes, as she received a deduction of seven hours for exceeding the permitted break time on one occasion. Nevertheless, Baci still surpassed the previous record set by Indian chef Lata Tondon in 2019, beating it by over five hours.

The 27-year-old chef showcased her culinary skills by preparing more than 100 dishes, starting from 15:00 GMT on Thursday, May 11, and concluding her non-stop cooking marathon the following Monday. The event took place in the upscale area of Lekki in Lagos, although no GWR officials were present. Instead, the recorded footage from CCTV cameras was later reviewed for verification.

Throughout her record-breaking feat, Baci predominantly cooked Nigerian dishes, including the famous jollof rice and various types of rice and pasta. She also prepared akara, a popular street food made from deep-fried mashed beans, which was generously shared with invited guests.


According to GWR regulations, Baci was allowed to have one assistant at a time and could only use her breaks for essential activities like using the toilet or taking a short nap.

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Reflecting on her motivation, Baci stated, “I just knew that I need to do something that is… out of the ordinary to put myself on the map, to put Nigeria on the map, to put young African women on the map.”

During her breaks, Baci received foot massages and cold compresses on her head to alleviate the physical strain. A medical assistant also monitored her vital signs.

Her impressive cooking attempt captured the nation’s attention, attracting visits from politicians and celebrities who came to support and cheer her on.


“Hilda’s cook-a-thon was so immensely popular that our website crashed for two days due to the overwhelming traffic from her devoted fans,” commented GWR.

Baci, already familiar with competitive kitchen events, emerged as the victor in the “Jollof Faceoff” inaugural edition in 2021. She triumphed over other participants, including a rival from Ghana, to claim the title for the best rendition of West Africa’s fiercely contested spicy rice dish.

Baci credits her passion for cooking to her mother’s culinary techniques; her recipes are all homemade, reflecting her love for the culinary arts.

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Photo: Facebook / @Guinness World Records

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