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Lamola on ICJ Genocide Case: Global Awareness Raised on Gaza’s Devastation



devastation in Gaza

South Africa’s Minister of Justice, Ronald Lamola, asserts that irrespective of the outcome in the International Court of Justice (ICJ), where South Africa accuses Israel of genocide, the world is now acutely aware of the devastation in Gaza, meticulously presented through forensic detail. According to EWN, Lamola shared his insights with Eyewitness News during the African National Congress’s birthday celebrations in Mbombela, Mpumalanga.

Fresh from leading South Africa’s historic bid in The Hague to secure a ceasefire in the Middle East, Lamola emphasised the monumental impact of Nelson Mandela’s signing of the Genocide Convention in 1998. This act empowered South Africa to challenge Israel on the global stage. While Israel vehemently denies the accusations, Lamola is confident that the case has successfully exposed what he deems as “propaganda and hypocrisy, particularly of Israel, in terms of what is happening at the Gaza Strip.”

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Reflecting on the mission, Lamola expressed that standing on the shoulders of giants, particularly Mandela, fueled the drive to achieve the seemingly impossible. He stated, “Yes, we have exposed the propaganda and hypocrisy, particularly of Israel, in terms of what is happening at the Gaza Strip.” Lamola, back in time for the ANC’s birthday rally, underlined the significance of bringing attention to the devastation in Gaza, marking a historic chapter in South Africa’s pursuit of justice on the international stage.

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