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Eco-Fashion Extravaganza at Klipriversberg



Get ready for the Trashion Show where the outfits must be designed and created by school learners using nothing but trash and recycled materials.

Prepare for an exciting Arbor Day celebration in the South of Johannesburg at the serene Klipriversberg Nature Reserve on September 2nd.

The upcoming event offers a day brimming with enjoyable activities, particularly the innovative Trashion Show.

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Curious about the concept of a ‘Trashion Show’? It’s a creative spin on a fashion show where school learners craft outfits exclusively from trash and recycled materials.

The guideline is straightforward: no purchases are allowed. Instead, participants are urged to tap into their inventiveness and ingenuity, using adhesive, staples, sewing supplies, and discarded items that would otherwise clutter landfills.


Anticipate an event that balances education and entertainment, boasting captivating prizes and a chance to foster a greener future. Victors will earn well-deserved recognition and witness trees being planted on their schools’ behalf, leaving an enduring legacy within the nature reserve for generations to come.

The celebration will also feature puppet shows, interpretive walks, and various captivating activities to enthral all attendees. Food & Trees For Africa has generously contributed 100 trees. Six trees will be sown at Klipriversberg Nature Reserve as rewards, while the rest will be distributed to schools in the southern region.

For further details, reach out to Cheryl Ogilvie at 083 267 6223.

Source: Get Ready for an eco-fashion extravaganza at Klipriversberg

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Photo: Supplied by Alberton Record

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