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DA Urges Placement for Stranded Academy Learners



DA Urges Placement for Stranded Academy Learners

Expressing deep concern for the learners of Crowthorne Christian Academy in Gauteng, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has voiced concern over their current predicament of losing precious learning opportunities due to being stranded.

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In a significant development, the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) has issued a decisive directive as reported by The South African. The department has mandated the immediate shutdown of Crowthorne Christian Academy, a measure taken in response to the school’s failure to meet the necessary registration prerequisites for operating as an Independent School.

This intervention arrived after a notable incident that propelled the school into the public eye. A new policy sparked controversy as it barred a particular learner from receiving an education due to her natural dreadlocks, prompting heightened scrutiny.

Sergio Dos Santos MPL, the DA’s Spokesperson for Education, has issued a compelling statement. He has raised a poignant concern about the plight of Crowthorne Christian Academy’s learners, who now find themselves stranded without a clear pathway forward.


Elaborating on the DA’s stance, Dos Santos underscores the party’s apprehensions about the presence of illicit and unregistered educational institutions within Gauteng. He highlights the potential risks to students’ safety and academic quality in such environments. Emphasising the pivotal role of regulatory inspectors, Dos Santos asserts that the education department must adhere strictly to standards governing all independent schools across the province.

In a pointed reference to a recent troubling incident involving a child subjected to assault due to her appearance at the academy, Dos Santos draws attention to the pressing urgency of ensuring all educational institutions’ registration and legal operation. This incident serves as a poignant reminder of the need for a robust system that upholds the fundamental rights of students.

Dos Santos further articulates the DA’s perspective on expanding independent schools. While acknowledging their necessity, he underscores the critical importance of legitimacy and adherence to stipulated benchmarks in the registration process.

The DA’s advocacy for the learners does not stop at expressions of concern. With an authoritative tone, Dos Santos demands swift action from Gauteng Education MEC Matome Chiloane. He calls for the immediate placement of all learners from Crowthorne Christian Academy, safeguarding their access to invaluable educational experiences and preventing further disruptions. In an emotional appeal, Dos Santos underscores the universal right of all school-aged children to learn within an enabling environment.

Dos Santos unveils his intention to pose probing questions to MEC Chiloane to foster transparency and understanding. These questions will shed light on the precise procedures mandated for the registration and operation of independent schools. As a closing note, Dos Santos accentuates the department’s responsibility to regularly disseminate information regarding all registered independent schools in Gauteng, thereby fostering informed choices and reinforcing compliance within the educational landscape.


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