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Art Presentation Scheduled at Edenvale Community Centre on May 18th



Edenvale Community Centre

Abe Mathabe will host a drypoint etching presentation in collaboration with the Paint and Palette Group. The event will be scheduled for May 18 at 13:30 at Edenvale Community Centre.

Abe, born in Pimville and one of eight siblings, discovered his artistic talent at a young age. Due to his impoverished background, he made toys from various materials.

Even then, he displayed his talent by drawing with a ballpoint pen, a medium he still enjoys today.

Recognised by his Grade Four teacher, Abe earned his first art commission, receiving 20 cents.

Abe immersed himself in full-time art after completing his studies as a graphic designer at the Johannesburg Art Foundation. He later refined his skills at the Artist Proof Studio in Johannesburg.


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Despite exploring dance and music, Abe decided to dedicate himself entirely to art.

With extensive travels to Wales, Tasmania, and the Netherlands, Abe participated in numerous exhibitions and competitions, winning several awards.

For Abe, the essence of an artist’s work lies in satisfying oneself first and then ensuring that others will appreciate it.

“I always strive to be better and keep my art interesting,” Abe stated. “The biggest challenge is to constantly grow techniques to maintain my best.”


Over the years, Abe has garnered a reputation as one of the country’s premier miniature artists, particularly for his adept use of the drypoint print technique.

Source: Art presentation to be held at Edenvale Community Centre on May 18

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Picture: Supplied by Bedfordview and Edenvale News


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