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Deteriorating Bridge Over Little Falls Greenbelt Raises Concerns



Deteriorating Bridge Over Little Falls Greenbelt Raises Concerns

Potholes, often symptomatic of deeper infrastructure issues, form a recurrent road challenge. While drivers have become accustomed to potholes and remain vigilant, the areas surrounding the most problematic sections contribute to the worsening situation.

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The predicament surrounding Witwatersrand Avenue has been a growing concern since January as residents endeavour to address its deteriorating state. Of particular concern is the low bridge spanning the greenbelt between Strubens Valley and Little Falls, marked by multiple potholes causing traffic disruptions as motorists manoeuvre through the submerged obstacles.

This bridge’s location above a wetland exacerbates the situation, leading to regular water overflows that impede repair initiatives. Residents initially took it upon themselves to address the potholes but withdrew due to concerns about potential repercussions. In April, the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) cautioned against unauthorised repairs due to their non-compliance with established standards. In an attempt to mitigate the water issue, residents improvised an informal drainage system; however, the sheer volume of water consistently surpasses the capacity of this makeshift solution.

While Ward 85 councillor Zonè Hughes’s efforts have earned recognition from residents, they express a sense of her limitations in effecting lasting change. Hughes recounted an April site visit with the regional director’s office that addressed the road conditions on Witwatersrand Avenue, the adjoining greenbelt, and the persisting water flow issue. She has persistently advocated for necessary repairs, but the perpetual water flow compounds the challenge. To address the matter, Hughes recently submitted an inquiry to the council regarding the greenbelt’s situation.


The wetland management falls under the purview of the Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo (JPCZ). However, residents speculate that a blocked or damaged water pipe might be responsible for the heightened water volume coursing through the field. Hughes put forth her proposed solution, emphasising the imperative of consistent maintenance for the area, which has witnessed security breaches from the Greenbelt’s side. Additionally, she pointed out the JRA’s need to rectify the water channel’s malfunctioning status, which is believed to be the root cause of the water inundating the road.

In pursuit of comprehensive information, efforts were made to engage Johannesburg Water, JCPZ, and JRA. Acknowledgement was received for these inquiries, although no further details have been disclosed. This underscores the ongoing complexity of the situation, necessitating collaborative efforts among multiple stakeholders to find sustainable resolutions for the long-standing issues plaguing Witwatersrand Avenue and its surroundings.

Source: Bridge across Little Falls greenbelt a treacherous eyesore for residents and visitors

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