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First Thursday Night Walk: Commemorating the June 16 Uprising



First Thursday Night Walk

Join the First Thursday Night Walk on July 6, 2023, as we commemorate the June 16 Uprising and reflect on the influential young leaders who played a significant role in the National Uprising. Experience the journey with the #funkitimwalking team, exploring Tsietsi Mashinini’s home, the June 16 Memorial Museum, and other cultural landmarks. The event takes place on Thursday, July 6 2023 as reported by

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What Can I Expect From the First Thursday Night Walk?
You’ll also make stops to enjoy local beer and indulge in a delicious rustic-style bar menu dinner at Native Rebels, a popular spot among locals. Secure your ticket for the #RebelWalk, which will be held in Jabavu, near the Soweto Theatre and Kwakhaya Lendaba, the Village of Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa.

This captivating walk covers a total distance of 3 to 5 kilometres and is of medium difficulty. For avid hikers they recommend arriving at 18:00 and joining the first group, which will have the opportunity to ascend Oppenheimer Tower—an additional highlight not included for those departing at 19:00 due to its physical fitness requirements.

Let’s embrace the spirit of #FunkItImWalking and embark on this empowering journey towards freedom.


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Photo: Facebook / @Funkitimwalking Campaign

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