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Mad Dogs Clothing Returns with a Resounding Comeback



mad dogs clothing is back

Fashionistas, brace yourselves for a blast from the past as Mad Dogs Clothing, the iconic ’90s fashion brand, returns to the scene with a fresh, modern twist under the new leadership of Raoul Owens. Renowned for its ’90s-inspired baggy sweatshirts, loose-fitting tees, and casual chic, Mad Dogs Clothing is back in vogue, celebrating the era of fashion that dared to be bold.

Mad Dogs Clothing has its roots in the late ’80s, initially operating out of Greenmarket Square before officially establishing itself in 1993, eventually becoming a national franchise. Raoul Owens, the driving force behind this revival, explains that the brand’s earlier success was founded on a unique blend of distinctive brand identity, exceptional quality, and an eco-friendly ethos that saw items packaged in tin cans instead of conventional shopping bags—a sustainable touch that Raoul is eager to reintroduce.

Browsing through Mad Dogs Clothing’s Instagram feed feels like flipping through a family photo album, offering a nostalgic trip to an era celebrated by millennials and cherished by their parents.

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Under Raoul’s stewardship since 2018, Mad Dogs has ingeniously revisited its roots while maintaining its original design elements, including the iconic spectacled dog sporting an infectious grin. Raoul’s strategy revolves around honouring the essence of Mad Dogs but presenting it with a contemporary twist that leans into a more sophisticated aesthetic.


Mad Dogs’ commitment to inclusivity remains strong. All their apparel is unisex, transcending gender-specific clothing and fostering an inclusive, ‘pawsome’ family. Additionally, the brand proudly champions local production, stressing the significance of supporting the South African economy by sourcing and manufacturing locally.

The brand is crafting a new collection to debut in the coming months. While Mad Dogs no longer directly sells apparel through its website, you can indulge in their fashion offerings on platforms like, Localnest, and Urban Experience.

For aspiring retailers and entrepreneurs, Mad Dogs Clothing offers two business-to-business (B2B) solutions, providing opportunities to become official sellers of this beloved South African brand. Visit to explore these exciting possibilities and be part of the Mad Dogs resurgence.

Source: Mad Dogs Clothing is back with a bang

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Picture: Facebook / Mad Dogs Clothing

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