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Fourways Mall Gathers 2.4 Tons of Clothing to Aid the Less Fortunate



Andrea Oehley, Busayo Seyi-Adeyemo, Solly Kgolane, Charmaine McGinley, Andie Smith, Anton Liebenberg, Fernana de Nobrega all from The Daily Bread Org and Maria Varfis, group marketing head at Fourways Mall.

Fourways Mall Shopping Centre, a prominent establishment within the Fourways region, recently achieved a noteworthy feat by amassing an impressive 2.4 tons of gently used clothing, shoes, and bedding. This commendable endeavour was initiated to support the less fortunate during winter. The benevolent contributions originated from the Fourways community and were handed over to the local nonprofit organisation, Daily Bread, to distribute them to those in need.

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The ongoing donation campaign has a twofold objective: to mobilise community backing for individuals requiring assistance in the Fourways vicinity and to address the issue of fast fashion’s impact on landfill waste. This initiative underscores the concept of a circular economy by repurposing unwanted and unused items, channelling them towards households that can sustainably utilise them.

Launched in 2021 as a response to the profound repercussions of the Covid-19 lockdown, this initiative strategically placed donation receptacles in the most frequented walkways of the mall. The vision was to cultivate a stronger sense of community and to address the urgent needs of underprivileged individuals in the area.

Maria Varfis, the Group Marketing Head at Accelerate Property Fund and Fourways Mall, expressed deep humility in witnessing the Fourways Mall shoppers unite behind this noble cause. She highlighted that this substantial community endeavour is supported by the mall’s proprietors, including the JSE-listed Accelerate Property Fund and Azrapart.


All the donated items have been entrusted to The Daily Bread Org, a nonprofit organisation committed to supporting, empowering, and uplifting the community through outreach initiatives and educational programs. By partnering with The Daily Bread Org, the mall ensures the efficient and effective distribution of contributions.

As the initiative enters its third year, there is a steadfast belief that a tangible difference can be made in the lives of individuals confronting challenges within the community. The ample donations received reflect the compassionate nature of the community, and Fourways Mall has taken on the solemn duty of ensuring that these generous contributions reach those most in need. A rigorous vetting process is in place to ensure accountability. The mall’s commitment to partnering with community-driven nonprofit organisations that align with core values is underscored, with particular satisfaction in collaborating with The Daily Bread Org, which is deeply embedded in community upliftment.

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Charmaine McGinley, the founder of The Daily Bread Org, expressed profound gratitude for the support and generosity exhibited by the Fourways community through their contributions. These donations hold the potential to aid vulnerable individuals significantly. The partnership between the mall, the community, and The Daily Bread Org is poised to create lasting change, positively impacting the local community and the nation as a whole.

In addition to its charitable impact, the mall has facilitated employment opportunities through this initiative, employing part-time workers for tasks such as quality checking, sorting, packaging, and processing donated items. This ensures that all donated items are in a condition suitable for reuse or recycling.


The categories of items collected include clothing and shoes for babies, children, ladies, and men, along with pet care items, non-perishable food, toys, homeware, and linen.

Fourways Mall encourages individuals and organisations to sustain their mission by actively participating in the ongoing donation drive. Donation boxes are conveniently located at three different points within the mall, facilitating community engagement and ongoing support for this impactful initiative.

Source: Fourways Mall collects 2.4 tons of clothing for the less fortunat

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Photo: Supplied by the Fourways Review

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