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Floyd Mayweather’s $7 Million Gucci Shopping Spree Sparks Controversy



Floyd Mayweather spent 7 million USD at Gucci in Sandton City

During his ‘Motherland’ tour of Africa, Floyd Mayweather spent 7 million USD at Gucci in Sandton City, flanked by security guards. As per Esquire Middle East, this move has unsurprisingly attracted criticism worldwide.

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The former undefeated, multi-belt-winning world champion has faced criticism for his lavish lifestyle, including his recent spending spree and controversial exhibition boxing matches. Mayweather has been on the exhibition boxing circuit since retiring from professional boxing in 2017, picking up large sums of cash to fight the likes of Youtube star Logan Paul.

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The boxing legend has also faced wider criticism during his Motherland tour, with some fans feeling that he is only there for a big payday.


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Picture: Facebook / Floyd Mayweather

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