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Alberton Angel Steps In to Help Amputee Walk Again



AJ du Preez Orthotist Prosthetist

Ruan du Preez from AJ du Preez Orthotist Prosthetist, located in New Market’s MediMix, has extended a heartfelt gesture of kindness and expertise to help amputee Lalie Reynecke regain her mobility. Teaming up with orthotist prosthetist Gerhard Swart and their dedicated team, Du Preez is embarking on a mission to craft a prosthetic leg for Reynecke at no cost to her.

Reynecke, from Bela Bela, faced a life-altering ordeal in 2021. She caught a flesh-eating bacteria known as necrotising fasciitis. It forced her to have her right leg amputated. The financial burden of purchasing a prosthetic limb weighed heavily on her shoulders.

To raise funds, Rick van Wyk from the Log Cabin Knights Darts Club organised a marathon darts match lasting 60 hours and one minute, which raised R30,000. However, this amount fell short of the required funds for Reynecke’s prosthetic limb.

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Then, Good Morning Angels and Alberton’s Ruan du Preez stepped in. Du Preez, moved by Reynecke’s story and Good Morning Angels’ mission to help those in need, offered his expertise in orthotics and prosthetics. Du Preez committed to crafting a prosthetic leg tailored to Reynecke’s needs alongside his team.


Du Preez emphasised that it’s not about the monetary value of the contribution but the impact it will have on Reynecke’s life. He expressed his passion for helping individuals regain their mobility and the satisfaction of witnessing them walk again with the assistance of prosthetic limbs.

The endeavour to provide Lalie Reynecke with a prosthetic leg is a heartwarming example of individuals and communities coming together to make a difference in someone’s life.

Source: Alberton Angel affords amputee a chance to walk

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Picture: Facebook / AJ du Preez Orthotist Prosthetist

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