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Claims of Aliens in Mexico? A Closer Look at a History of Debunked Presenters



aliens in Mexico debunked

Jaime Maussan, a well-known ufologist and journalist, stirred fascination on social media as he claimed that there were aliens in Mexico. According to Forbes, he presented two fossilised bodies that he claimed were “non-human” corpses to the Mexican Congress. These mysterious mummified remains, characterised by elongated heads, three fingers, and an appearance reminiscent of Hollywood’s alien depictions, were purportedly discovered in Peru in 2017 and estimated to be about 1,000 years old.

According to Maussan, the bodies were in algae mines, and researchers from the Autonomous National University of Mexico conducted examinations. Astonishingly, a report revealed that one of the bodies contained “eggs” inside. José de Jesús Zalce Benítez, the director of the Scientific Institute for Health of the Mexican Navy, revealed scans of these bodies to Congress members. He described them as having retractable necks, lacking teeth, large brains, and large eyes capable of “wide stereoscopic vision.”

Interestingly, this isn’t Maussan’s first foray into alien-related claims. In 2015, he reported on a supposed alien body found in Peru, later debunked as a human child’s mummified remains. Benítez was also a key figure in the presentation of the debunked body discovery, which featured six mummified bodies with three fingers in a YouTube video shared by in 2017—a platform often associated with conspiracy theories.

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Ryan Graves, a former U.S. Navy pilot who testified before the U.S. Congress in July about his alleged encounters with UFOs, was present at the Mexican Congress event. He emphasised the focus of his organisation, Americans for Safe Aerospace, on improving public education regarding UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena), reducing stigma, and working towards greater transparency and disclosure.


Jaime Maussan has a long history in journalism, spanning over five decades. He has participated in UFO-related reports, including the debunked mummified child’s corpse in 2017. His involvement with, a platform charging for content on paranormal and supernatural subjects, has drawn attention. It’s worth noting that the bodies in the video are notably larger than those presented in the Mexican Congress. Maussan also hosts a YouTube channel, Maussan TV, boasting nearly 1 million subscribers.

In July, former intelligence officials David Grusch and Ryan Graves testified before the U.S. Congress on UFOs. Grusch asserted that he was “certain” that the federal government possessed unidentified aerial phenomena. He further claimed that he had interviewed individuals investigating UAP crash sites and recovering “non-human biologics.”

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