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Blairgowrie Residents Embark on Beautifying Recreation Center



Blairgowrie Residents Embark on Beautifying Recreation Center

A transformation project led by Ward Councillor Cllr Lucinda Harman has revitalised the Blairgowrie Recreation Centre. This community-driven initiative gained strong support from the Ward Committee and Sport and Recreation Offices, particularly Edwina Fillies.

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Rather uniquely, the project adopted a flexible “stop and go” approach. Participants would convene whenever possible, exchange ideas, and alternate between discussions and hands-on work as reported by Joburg Newsroom. This unconventional method proved productive, resulting in practical suggestions and a renewed commitment to the task.

The project’s focus expanded to enhancing sport and recreation facilities across Ward 102, with specific attention to the Ferndale Recreation Centre and Blairgowrie Swimming Pool.

During breaks, participants fostered camaraderie over tea and coffee, emphasising accountability and working towards a common goal.


The discussions led to the formation of the “Friends of the Recreation Centre” model, solidifying a social contract within the community. Unity and shared responsibility were recurring themes, highlighting the commitment to maintaining safe, clean, and welcoming public sports and recreation facilities.

The Blairgowrie Recreation Centre serves as a shining example of what collective community effort can achieve when united by a shared purpose and dedication to communal spaces.

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Photo: Facebook / @ Lucinda Harman

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