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Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) to Extend Service to Gandhi Square Precinct



Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) to Extend Service to Gandhi Square Precinct

During this Transport Month, the expansion of Rea Vaya’s Phase 1C project will encompass one of the primary transport terminuses and urban hubs in the City Centre. The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA), on behalf of the City of Johannesburg’s Transport Department, will commence the construction of BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) stations in the Gandhi Square Precinct as part of the Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit Phase 1C initiative as reported by Joburg Newsroom.

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The Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system plays a crucial role in daily passenger transportation, catering to tens of thousands of commuters. The Gandhi Square precinct serves as a well-connected transportation hub, offering various public transport options, including Metrobus, Gautrain Bus, and taxis. Moreover, it houses numerous high-rise corporate office buildings, making it a bustling urban hub, a sought-after tourist attraction, and a vibrant city centre.

The BRT stations within the Gandhi Square precinct will become integral components of the Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System Phase 1C trunk route, connecting the Inner City to Sandton, Alexandra, Rivonia Road, Katherine Drive, Parktown, and Louis Botha Avenue. These stations will be situated on Commissioner and Albertina Sisulu streets, with boundaries marked by Rissik and Joubert streets, similar to the station modules found west of Rissik Street along the same trunk bus route.

These new stations will feature dedicated BRT bus docking and bypass lanes within the road median and outer mixed traffic lanes to ensure smooth traffic flow around the station.


Due to the scale of this development, some traffic disruptions are expected to begin around October 9, 2023, as a result of the BRT infrastructure project. Road users and pedestrians should be aware of the traffic impacts in this area, which are anticipated to persist for approximately 12 months.

To minimise inconvenience, motorists are advised to consider the following alternate routes:

Alternate Route 1: Utilise Marshall and Helen Joseph streets for eastbound travel.
Alternate Route 2: Utilise Anderson and Helen Joseph streets for westbound travel.

Siyabonga Genu, the Acting Chief Executive Officer of JDA, acknowledged the potential disruptions caused by construction but emphasised the long-term benefits of an improved and sustainable public transportation system in the Gandhi Square Precinct. He also apologised for any delays or inconveniences and assured that efforts are being made to minimise the impact on motorists and pedestrians during construction.

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