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Buccleuch Residents Plagued by an Open Manhole on Parkville Road



City of Joburg - Manhole on Parkville Road

For nearly 10 years, residents of Buccleuch have been plagued by an open manhole on Parkville Road, causing immense concern and frustration within the community. Despite assurances from Johannesburg Water and Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) to address the problem, the manhole remains unfixed, leaving residents disillusioned.

Numerous requests have been made to Johannesburg Water for repairs to the water leaks, but the only action taken so far has been the placement of a plastic bollard over the hazardous manhole. The unsafe condition of Parkville Road is particularly alarming due to the presence of primary school children who walk along this route.

The community fears a potential tragedy if a child accidentally falls into the open manhole. Residents residing in close proximity to the manhole have expressed their distress, as it not only poses a threat to their vehicles but also obstructs traffic flow and restricts access to adjacent driveways.

Jay Soudamma, a concerned member of the Buccleuch community, expressed frustration with the lack of action taken to address this ongoing issue and the numerous unattended potholes in the area.

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Responding to the matter, JRA spokesperson Bertha Scheepers acknowledged that manhole covers are frequently stolen by criminals seeking to profit from their resale. This has resulted in a shortage of covers, and the JRA has been exploring alternative materials, such as polymer, to deter theft.

Scheepers reassured the community that the JRA team is currently on-site (as of May 5) replacing the missing manhole cover at Parkville Road.

Regarding the water leaks, Sandton Chronicle contacted Johannesburg Water on May 2 and received confirmation from spokesperson Nolwazi Dhlamini on May 4 that the query had been received. However, no further comment was provided, leaving residents eagerly awaiting a resolution to this long-standing issue.

Source: Poor quality of roads plague Buccleuch residents

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Photo: Twitter / @City of Joburg