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Shop owner caught with unlicensed products – Local authorities take action



local shop owner was arrested

During a joint operation between law enforcement officials from the JMPD and the SAPS in Eldorado Park, a local shop owner was arrested, and they shut down his spaza shop. The authorities initiated the operation after residents and stakeholders convened a meeting to discuss ways to combat the use of lean in the community.

The arrest occurred when the officers discovered large volumes of unauthorised pain medication at the shop, and the shopkeeper could not provide a satisfactory explanation for its presence and origin. As a result, the officers apprehended the 31-year-old shop owner, and his business was closed.

Furthermore, they inspected other spaza shops in the area, and officials from Environmental Health and the City found that expired goods were on sale. As a result, they destroyed the expired products and instructed the affected shop owners to cease operations.

Dr Mgcini Tshwaku, the MMC for Public Safety, expressed disappointment over the poor hygiene conditions observed in the inspected spaza shops. The stores had thick layers of dust, compromising the quality and safety of the goods sold to the community. Among the discovered expired goods were items like baby formula and other products used to feed infants.

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Sergeant Roxanne Gibb, the Eldorado Park police spokesperson, confirmed the arrest during the operation. The 31-year-old shop owner had high volumes of unregistered medication, including Schedule Two pain medicine and Schedule Five anti-depressants and pain medication. Additionally, the individual did not possess the license or authorisation to distribute and sell these medicines.

The arrested spaza shop owner was subsequently detained at the Eldorado Park Police Station for contravening the Medicines and Related Substance Act of 1965, which prohibits the dispensing or selling of medicine without a license. This operation is part of a broader effort by community leaders and law enforcement agencies to address the use of lean and illegal distribution of medicine in the greater Eldorado Park policing precinct.

Residents are encouraged to report illegal activities to the SAPS Crime Stop Hotline, which is toll-free at 08600 10111. Alternatively, they can contact the Eldorado Park SAPS at 011 946 0300/082 444 3001 or anonymously report incidents through the MySAPS App, available for download on any smartphone. Continued vigilance and cooperation between residents and law enforcement are vital in maintaining the safety and well-being of the community.

Source: Local shop owner caught with unlicensed products

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Picture: Facebook / Sishi Sbuda

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