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86 Suspects Apprehended by Joint Law Enforcement Units



Combined units arrested 86 suspects in Gauteng

Combined units arrested 86 suspects in Gauteng. The Rapid Response Services (RRS) in Gauteng carried out this string of successful operations over a week, from August 4 to 10. The RRS, consisting of the Flying Squad, K9 Units, and Highway Patrol, executed routine activities, including vehicle checkpoints and patrols, leading to significant law enforcement outcomes.

Among the apprehended individuals, 20 were arrested for many serious offences. These included assault, hijacking, trespassing, fraud, domestic violence, house robbery, house break-in, attempted murder, possessing counterfeit goods, and dealing in illicit cigarettes. The collective efforts of the units contributed to maintaining public safety and curbing criminal activities throughout the province.

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Additionally, officers managed to recover 32 hijacked and stolen vehicles. In connection with these vehicle recoveries, officers took 12 suspects into custody for being found in possession of these unlawfully obtained vehicles.

The operations yielded further success in tackling illegal firearm possession. Officers arrested 23 individuals on charges related to the possession of unlicensed firearms. During these arrests, law enforcement officers successfully confiscated 14 guns, reducing the potential threat of illegal weapons.


Efforts to combat drug-related offences also saw notable achievements during these operations. Authorities apprehended 31 suspects for their involvement in possessing and dealing various drugs, including heroin, dagga, cocaine, Mandrax, and meth. Confiscating these substances contributes to the ongoing battle against drug-related crimes in the region.

Source: Combined units arrest 86 suspects

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