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Power Disconnection: Tshwane Takes Action Against Negligent Health Facilities



Tshwane cut off power to health facilities

Tshwane cut off power to health facilities. The Merafong municipality has taken a similar approach to dealing with the department for failing to settle electricity invoices. This issue of delayed payments has affected some of the district offices. This power cut is a matter that has caused concerns over the provision of healthcare services.

Although hospitals, clinics, and community healthcare centres remain operational, the cut-offs have impacted district offices, requiring office staff to utilise the nearest institutions to carry out their work. This move has been criticised, as it places additional strain on the affected offices and potentially hampers the efficiency of their operations.

Gauteng’s financial challenges within the health department recently gained attention when allegations arose that the department did not adhere to the legal requirement of paying bills within 30 days. The disclosed debt owed to various municipalities and service providers, initially stated to be around R421 million, has since been corrected by Gauteng health spokesperson Motalatale Modiba to be approximately R78 million as of August 28.

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Despite the ongoing payment challenges, Modiba emphasised that health institutions such as hospitals and clinics remain unaffected by the power cut-offs. The focus of the cut-offs has been primarily on district offices, a measure aimed at encouraging prompt payments and addressing billing disputes.


The Gauteng Health Department is actively engaging with municipalities and service providers to ensure that invoices are submitted accurately and on time, facilitating the timely settlement of outstanding amounts. Weekly meetings and follow-ups are being conducted to address any issues from delayed payments.

It is essential for the efficient functioning of healthcare facilities and the delivery of healthcare services to resolve payment disputes and billing discrepancies promptly. The department’s efforts to rectify these financial challenges aim to minimise disruptions and maintain the quality of healthcare services provided to the communities of Gauteng.

Source: Tshwane cuts off power to delinquent health facilities

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