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Department of Correctional Services Responds to Oscar Pistorius Parole Reports



Department of Correctional Services denies Pistorius is eligible for parole

The Department of Correctional Services has issued a firm rebuttal in response to recent reports surrounding Oscar Pistorius’s eligibility for parole. Per SABC News, these reports, which claim that Pistorius became eligible for parole six months ago and should have already been considered for release, have been labelled as “reckless and misleading” by the Department.

This development arises within an application initiated by Oscar Pistorius, and the Department has officially submitted documents to the Constitutional Court regarding this matter. It is imperative to clarify that the Department has not admitted to the reported claims and regards them as an orchestrated effort to sway the apex court’s decision.

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Singabakho Nxumalo, the spokesperson for Correctional Services, underscored that a court order related to the retroactive adjustment of the sentencing date prompted the Department’s actions. In their view, seeking resolution from an alternative court is the appropriate course of action to address this issue conclusively.

This legal dispute concerning Oscar Pistorius’s parole eligibility serves as a reminder of the intricate nature of such cases and the paramount importance of upholding due process and fairness throughout. The forthcoming decision by the Constitutional Court will be closely monitored as it promises to bring clarity to this contentious matter.


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