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Over 90 Soshanguve School Learners Hospitalised After Consuming Suspected “Space Cookies”



space cookies send 90 learners to hospital

In a shocking incident, approximately 90 learners from Pulamadibogo Primary School in Soshanguve were rushed to the hospital on Wednesday morning after consuming “space cookies”- cookies laced with dagga, a colloquial term for marijuana.

According to education spokesperson Steve Mabona, teachers noticed unusual behaviour among the learners in class and immediately sought assistance from emergency services. Symptoms included nausea, stomach cramps, and vomiting, all believed to result from consuming these “space cookies.”

“All 90 affected learners were attended to by emergency services on the school premises,” said Mabona. “However, they were all subsequently rushed to different medical facilities where their condition was monitored. Police visited the school, as this incident has caused distress among parents who also came to the school as they were concerned about the safety of their children.”

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Authorities suspect the learners purchased these cookies from a street vendor, which may have been laced with dagga. Gauteng Education MEC Matome Chiloane stated that officials have identified the seller, and a thorough police investigation is underway.


Chiloane expressed deep concern over the incident and urged learners to be vigilant about what they purchase and consume, emphasising the need to exercise caution regarding their food sources. He also wished all affected learners a speedy recovery.

This incident highlights the dangers of consuming food products purchased from unregulated sources, especially for young individuals who may not be fully aware of the risks associated with such products.

Source: ‘Space cookies’ land 90 schoolkids in hospital

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