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Diepsloot Residents Apprehend Suspected Corrupt Police Officers



Diepsloot residents busted four cops

In a remarkable display of community vigilance, over 600 Diepsloot residents busted four cops they suspected of engaging in corrupt activities in the area.

Scrolla.Africa reports that the incident unfolded when a community member noticed one officer acting suspiciously near a location known for illegally selling alcohol without a permit. This action raised suspicions, and another resident, a member of a local community police forum, was informed. Together, they closely monitored the officers, believing they were present to collect bribes.

As events progressed, a second van with two more officers arrived, further deepening the residents’ suspicions. They sounded a local siren, a whistle used to summon fellow community members, and quickly surrounded the police vans. Their swift response prevented the officers from leaving the area.

The crowd grew as more residents rushed to the scene, numbering over 600 individuals who, while chanting struggle songs, prevented the officers’ escape. Police officers also called for backup, and the Tactical Response Team (TRT) Unit arrived to disperse the residents, allowing the officers to leave.

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Residents reportedly met with police station management the day before the incident, during which the station commander highlighted the importance of residents identifying and reporting corrupt officers, urging them to gather concrete evidence.

After the incident, several witnesses gave statements, claiming to have observed the officers engaging in corrupt activities. The four officers have not yet faced charges despite registering the case.

Diepsloot has seen a series of protests this year, leading to the arrest of four Diepsloot Community Forum leaders on charges including public violence and property damage. Their case is in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court, with all leaders being granted bail.

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Picture: X / SAPoliceService

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