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Department of Water and Sanitation Initiates Measures to Address Tshwane’s Water Woes



Department of Water and Sanitation urges water supply resolution

Deputy Minister David Mahlobo of the Department of Water and Sanitation convened a crucial meeting on Sunday with representatives from Rand Water and the City of Tshwane to tackle the ongoing challenges in stabilising the water supply. In recent weeks, numerous areas have experienced severe water interruptions, particularly impacting residents in high-lying regions, according to Jacaranda FM.

Wisane Mavasa, spokesperson for Water and Sanitation, emphasised the importance of water conservation in this critical situation. The City of Tshwane and Rand Water should reduce water consumption significantly.

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Mavasa revealed that the City of Tshwane has acknowledged its high water consumption and pledged to develop a water conservation strategy to curtail usage. As part of ongoing efforts to secure the water system, Deputy Minister Mahlobo has given the collective two weeks to formulate a medium to long-term plan. This plan should address the challenges arising from peak demand, exacerbated by factors such as high temperatures, interruptions in storage capacity recovery due to load shedding, non-revenue water losses, and securing additional water allocation from Rand Water.

Furthermore, Tshwane must outline its strategy for addressing leaks within the metro, a major contributor to water losses in the distribution system. The Deputy Minister highlighted the need for a comprehensive water conservation strategy to mitigate the surging demand and ensure the sustainability of the water supply.


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Picture:  Pixabay / Karolina Grabowska

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