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DSD Subsidy Issue Forces Child Welfare to Close Its Doors for a Month



DSD subsidy

Amidst uncertainty surrounding its DSD subsidy, the Greater Benoni Child Welfare announced a temporary closure, halting services from April 1 until further notice. According to Vanessa Carelse, the director of child welfare, the DSD subsidy remains unpaid, making it difficult to suspend operations until clarity on funding is provided. Carelse expressed deep concern over the impact on the beneficiaries, citing the organisation’s inability to continue services without assured funding.

Child welfare haven Colin House also faces financial strain due to the subsidy issue. However, operations will persist for the children in their care.

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The situation has left child welfare staff, many of whom are single mothers, anxious about their job security amid rumours of decreased funding. While efforts to secure financing continue, the closure will disrupt services, prompting the organisation to encourage individuals needing assistance to contact the DSD Benoni office.

Carelse remains hopeful for a swift resolution to the subsidy issue, emphasising child welfare’s dedication to protecting children’s rights and serving the community.


For further inquiries, individuals can contact Vanessa Carelse directly while the Benoni City Times awaits comment from the DSD.

Source: DSD subsidy issue forces child welfare to close its doors for a month

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