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Three Arrested for Possession of Gauteng Traffic Police Uniforms



Gauteng Traffic Police uniforms

Boksburg North Police apprehended three suspects on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, around 16:00 at Turf Road Anderbolt industrial area for having Gauteng Traffic Police uniforms. According to the South African Police Service, SAPS Boksburg North Crime Prevention group members were conducting visibility in the area, a hotspot for trio crimes, when they spotted a white Volkswagen Polo with three occupants inside. The vehicle had double-tape registration numbers on top of the original. Upon noticing the police presence, the suspects attempted to flee. Still, they ended up bumping into the side of the road, leading to their arrest.

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The trio, aged between 28 and 44, was detained at Boksburg North for possession of Police uniforms and will undergo profiling to determine whether they were involved in other criminal activities. Ekurhuleni District Commissioner Major General Sithole commended the members for their vigilance in combating criminality in the District.

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Picture: X / SAPoliceService

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