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Water Bills Surge, Exceeding R60,000 for Residents in Johannesburg Estate



Water bills

Due to illegal connections, water bills soar over R60,000 for Tirong Estate residents in Johannesburg, leaving homeowners in dire straits with no resolution.

BusinessTech reports that the upscale Tirong Estate, a community of 638 single-family homes, was established in 2018 with the promise of a comfortable lifestyle. However, many residents’ dreams were shattered when they discovered illegally connected water lines without meter boxes, leading to shockingly high penalties and financial strain.

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eNCA’s investigation revealed penalty fees exceeding R20,000, with some residents facing bills surpassing R60,000 due to this illicit infrastructure. Despite residents’ inquiries and meetings involving city officials, Johannesburg Water, and the developer, no viable solution has emerged.

The developer erroneously obtained Occupation Certificates before installing water meters, deflecting responsibility and leaving residents caught in bureaucratic limbo. Ward councillor Devon Steenkamp’s intervention proved fruitless, as the developer insists that any legal action must be pursued individually.


Regrettably, despite awareness of the issue, residents face imminent water disconnections over unpaid penalties, underscoring the urgent need to resolve this ongoing ordeal.

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