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ECD Centres Encouraged to Prioritise Children’s Well-Being




ECDs are being encouraged to prioritise the welfare of children above all else, emphasised Mary Rametsi, president of the Alexandra ECD Association Forum. Rametsi, who leads a group of 48 members representing ECDs across Alex, stressed the importance of ensuring children’s safety, welfare, and future in nursery schools. Addressing concerns raised in monthly meetings, which are transitioning to quarterly gatherings, Rametsi dismissed reports on social media alleging abuse by caregivers in creches.

“While we do not tolerate such behaviour within our forum, it’s essential for the public to discern fake news circulating on social platforms,” Rametsi stated during an interview with Alex News. She cautioned against hastily accepting content that may be fabricated for profit rather than reflecting actual events in creches. Rametsi clarified that the forum advocates for strict consequences for anyone violating children’s rights or breaking the law.

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Established in 2017, the forum’s primary objectives include addressing child abuse in ECDs, identifying training needs, and facilitating compliance with regulations. Rametsi highlighted the necessity of mentorship and experience in navigating the complexities of the ECD field, especially for those motivated solely by financial gain.

Having operated her Happy Tots Day Care Centre since 1999, Rametsi understands the challenges ECD operators face firsthand. Initially comprising three clusters, the forum has since expanded to seven, with dedicated members striving to support each other and ensure adherence to legal requirements. Led by chairperson Priscilla Thongwana and vice-chairperson Wendy Ramogale, the forum’s mission is to foster a supportive network for ECDs in Alexandra, promoting professionalism and child welfare.


Source: ECDs urged to put children’s welfare first

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