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Escalating Response: Zama Zama Plight Forces More Intense Measures



illegal mining in Florida

The police are intensifying their efforts to ensure community safety as they confront the issue of illegal mining in Florida.

In a recent update on August 11, the hazards posed by illegal mining operations in the Florida community were brought to light, prompting further actions.

During the week starting August 8, multiple law enforcement units deployed to various locations suspected of hosting illegal mining activities. Neighbourhoods, including CRG Mines, Randleases Hostel, Fleurhof, New Canada, Jerusalema, and Eitemal, witnessed a series of arrests.

Notably, law enforcement authorities closed over 20 illegal mining holes in New Canada at Esperanza. The Florida police continue to push to eradicate these unauthorised mining activities.

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On August 10, the provincial Operation Shanela, meaning “to sweep” in Zulu, was executed. This operation focused on illegal mining, illegal immigration, and second-hand goods. During this operation, one individual involved in illegal mining was apprehended for possessing prohibited mining equipment. Officers also arrested individuals for:

  • Drug possession, 
  • Possession of stolen goods, and 
  • selling alcohol without a license. 

The operation also led to the arrest of 57 illegal immigrants.

Continuing their proactive approach, August 11 witnessed another operation that targeted various crimes, including illegal immigration, drug-related offences, trio crimes, contact crimes, and property-related crimes. Two more operations followed this during the week of August 14 and August 15, all aiming to eliminate unauthorised mining activities.

As the Florida police remain steadfast in their efforts, further updates are anticipated to be forthcoming.

Source: Zama zama plight leaves no choice but to go in harder

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